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V-Cat Cooperative Circulation Committee

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Meeting Materials

March 5, 2020
February 6, 2020

Committee Purpose

Address concerns or projects related to circulation, material sharing between libraries, and patron records. Working towards unification of loan rule facets and standardization of patron record fields. 

Meets 5-7 times per year. Usually in March, May, July or August, October, and December or January.

Committee Members

  • Tammie Blomberg, Rib Lake (Representing Taylor)
  • Jenny Jochimson, Abbotsford (Representing Clark), co-chair
  • Virginia Roberts, Rhinelander (Representing Oneida), co-chair
  • Ada Demlow, Antigo (Representing Langlade)
  • Olivia Boles, Marathon County (Representing Marathon)
  • Olivia Carlson, Marathon County (Representing Marathon)
  • Laurie Renel-Faledas, Crandon (Representing Forest)
  • Evan Marzahn, T. B. Scott/Merrill (Representing Lincoln)
  • Katie Zimmermann, WVLS


One representative from each county, two representatives from the resource library, V-Cat Administrator. 

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