Materials Challenges & Intellectual Freedom

How to Prepare and Respond to
Challenges & Concerns

Administrative Essentials: A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Directors

    • The public library’s mission
    • The library in the community
    • Basic characteristics of a public library in Wisconsin
    • Brief history of public libraries in Wisconsin
    • Statutory basis of a public library in Wisconsin
    • Sources of additional information
    • Typical library policies
    • Policy development steps
    • Legally defensible policies
    • Policy versus procedure
    • Policies for Results
    • Policy Audit
    • Procedure and procedure manuals

Trustee Essentials:  A Handbook for Wisconsin Public Library Trustees

Full Handbook from the Department of Instruction



  • Trustee Essential 22: Freedom of Expression and Inquiry
    • How the public library promotes freedom of expression and inquiry
    • Library board-approved policies that help protect intellectual freedom
  • Trustee Essential 23: Dealing with Challenges to Library Materials or Policies
    • The need to have a written policy to deal with challenges
    • Your responsibility as a trustee in a challenge
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