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Teen Resources

Wisconsin Coding InitiativeWisconsin Coding Initiative

What Do We Mean by Coding?

When we say "coding," we mean not only coding and computer programming, but also coding as a literacy, as the ability to apply computational thinking for problem solving and stimulating creativity. More than anything, we want to increase awareness that coding concepts are for anyone and everyone. - WI DPI, Coding Initiative in WisconsinHello Ruby

Coding Initiative in Wisconsin: recommendations for coding organizations with activities and lesson plans, coding apps, no-low--high tech activities, inexpensive coding makerspace products and more! 

Routes to Coding: Getting Colleagues on Board, Finding Coders in Your Community, Coding Partnerships...

Hello Ruby book series by Linda Liukas, 2017 WLA Keynote Speaker

Hello Ruby "provide[s] tools for kids, parents and educators to learn to understand programming in a fun and creative way."

"Our aim is to create, promote and evaluate exceptional educational content on computational thinking for 4 -to 10-year-old children across different channels. These include things like the ability to decompose a problem, spot patterns, think algorithmically, debug problems and work together."

Teen Advocacy

WVLS Youth Services Annual Workshop December 12, 2017

WVLS Annual Youth Services Workshop 20172017 Youth Services Workshop Agenda

Tuesday, December 12, 2017, 4.5 CEUs, MCPL-Wausau

Flipping Your Space and Flashing Your Non-Fiction

Patti Becker, Barron Public Library

Marge Loch-Wouters, Southwest Library System and Winding Rivers Library System Youth Services Consultant

What does it mean to be inclusive? 

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant, Public Library Development Team, WI DPI

Coding Initiative Update

Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant, Public Library Development Team, WI DPI

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Book & Media Awards/Lists

Community Relationship Building

Building a relationship with K-12 librarians and teachers is essential. Sonja Ackerman (K-12) and Sue Abrahamson (Public) teamed up to show us how school and public librarians can work together for great results!

School/Library Partnerships for Summer Learning & Reading Programs– WVLS Youth Services Workshop Dec 2016

  • Communicate regularly with your K-12 librarians.
  • Support K-12 librarians and teachers during the school year.
  • Make a list of K-12 Teacher emails that you can use for announcements and feedback.
  • Send Summer Reading Program information to K-12 librarians well in advance (February).
  • Set up a library booth at parent teacher conferences or open houses.

Data on Children & Families

  • Kids Count Data Center
    • Create your own reports by choosing your topic and characteristics. KIDS COUNT is a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and a premier source of data on children and families. The KIDS COUNT Data Center draws from more than 50 KIDS COUNT state organizations that provide state and local data, as well publications providing insights into trends affecting child and family well-being.  Each year, the Foundation produces a comprehensive report — the KIDS COUNT Data Book — that assesses child well-being in the United States. The indicators featured in the Data Book are also available in the Data Center.
    • Topics: Demographics, Economic Well-Being, Education, Family & Community, Health, Safety & Risky Behavior
    • Characteristics: Age, Family Nativity, Race and Ethnicity
  • Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, Inc. (WCCF)
    • The Council is a multi-issue child and family advocacy organization, providing research, policy analysis, public education and advocacy that lead to improved outcomes for children in the areas of health, economic security, safety and education.

K-12 School Library Resources

Professional Associations & Blogs

Professional Guidelines


Teen Programming Ideas


YSIE Youth Services Information Exchange

  • YSIE Informational Flyer 2017
  • What is YSIE? Youth Services Information Exchange
    • YSIE meet ups are opportunities for Youth Services Librarians across WVLS and northern Wisconsin to get together for discussions on current issues and to brainstorm ideas.
  • Upcoming YSIE meetings
    • YSIE get-togethers scheduled in April, September, January, and March (to coincide with annual Children’s Book Fest in Rhinelander), together with the annual WVLS Youth Services Workshop in December now provide 5 opportunities for idea sharing!
    • August 25th – Antigo Public Library
    • The fall 2017 YSIE meeting location is yet to be scheduled.
  • Interested in learning more?  Contact Kris Adams Wendt kawendt@wvls.org
  • How did YSIE start?
    • The annual WVLS youth services Grassroots Gathering discussion on March 9, 2016 following Children’s Book Fest in Rhinelander lasted two hours. Time flew; it was so enjoyable and productive that those around the circle concluded there needed to be more face-to-face informal opportunities for Northcentral Wisconsin youth librarians to share ideas…and just…well TALK to each other about shared success stories and concerns.
    • The action plan that evolved from that brainstorming session is the very definition of “grassroots.”  A four-hour block from 11 AM to 2 PM, including a working lunch, was agreed upon to recognize staffing needed for morning story times and after school programs as well as to provide more flexibility for volunteer hosts to scheduling dates at each rotating location. Two meetings have been held since then; April 29 (Three Lakes) with a focus on teen programming and September 16 (Rhinelander) to share pre-school and K-2 ideas. It’s fun to visit different youth departments and learn about activities in each library!

WVLS List Servs for Librarians Serving Youth

WVLS maintains a Public Library Youth Services list serv and a WVLS K-12 Library and Media Specialist list serv.

  • Both WVLS lists are two-way, meaning that subscribers can both reply to messages and initiate messages to colleagues.
  • Send an email to help@librarieswin.org  and request addition to either the Public Library Youth Services Email list or WVLS K-12 Library and Media Specialist list serv.

Statewide Youth Services Email Listserv

  • The Statewide Youth Services (YS) Email Listserv is run by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and coordinated by the State Youth Services Consultant.
  • The list is updated annually based on youth services staff listed on public library annual reports.
  • The YS list is one-way, meaning that you will receive occasional messages of statewide interest, but cannot reply or initiate statewide messages.
  • Send an email to tessa.schmidt@dpi.wi.gov to request addition to the list. The list is updated annual based on youth services staff listed on public library annual reports.


Save the Date

Teen Programming in WVLS Libraries

The Inclusive Library:

Resources for Outreach to Under Served Populations

Please see WI Department of Instruction resources on Youth and Inclusive Services where you can also find contact information for Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, the WI Public Library Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant.

What Does It Mean to Be Inclusive?: A Statement From the Division of Libraries and Technology, May 25, 2017


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