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NEW! Communications Tips (While Wearing a Mask)
Time: 8:07
Are you and your staff wearing masks while interacting with patrons? Jamie shares some helpful communication tips while you are wearing a mask. Watch

NEW! Unpleasant Conversations (During a Pandemic)
Time: 9:15
Jamie gives tips on how to handle unpleasant conversations while our libraries start to reopen during the coronavirus.  Watch





Recent Digital Bytes

Mindfulness App
Time: 2:12
Jamie talks about a free app that can help reduce stress and increase productivity.

JCW Resume Builder
Time: 10:29
Anne talks about using the Job Center of Wisconsin online resume builder. Watch

Using Bluejeans
Time: 10:46
Jamie demonstrates how to use Bluejeans as a moderator.  Watch

Scanning Documents On Your iPhone
Time: 3:24
Don’t have access to a scanner? Jamie talks about using your iPhone to scan documents as a PDF file.  Watch

Images on Websites
Time: 12:24
Anne talks about the importance of resizing images for your library’s website, and how to do it using Canva.

WVLS 2020 Scholarships
Time: 5:56
In this Digital Byte, Jamie talks about the scholarships available to WVLS member library members in 2020.

WVLS Communications Tools

Time: 5:50
In this Digital Byte, Jamie talks about the communications tools that WVLS uses, and how they can help you.

Keeping Track: Recording Program Statistics in the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report
Time: 32:29
It’s annual report time! Anne and Tessa Michaelson Schmidt share how to track program statistics and walk you through a new tool that you can use to track them.
Watch     Transcript


Latest Digital Byte

Annual Report
  • Keeping Track: Recording Program Statistics in the Wisconsin Public Library Annual Report 32:29   Watch     Transcript
Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education Resources  5:22   Watch
  • Forms for Public Library Certification   6:35   Watch
Customer Service
Databases/Online Resources
  • NoveList Plus 10:50   Watch
  • Sharing Gale Courses Links 2:15    Watch 
Marketing and Advocacy
  • Creating Transparent Logos 6:28  Watch
  • Free Stock Photos   5:32    Watch
  • Introduction to Canva 27:44    Watch      Digital Bytes Training Guide
  • MailChimp   6:08   Watch
  • Photo Editing Apps    5:55  Watch
  • Print Friendly   2:55   Watch
  • Scheduling Facebook Posts    4:06   Watch
  • Scheduling Facebook Posts On Your Mobile Device   2:59   Watch
  • URL Shorteners   2:35   Watch
  • Writing a Press Release  9:03     Watch   Training Guide
  • Zoterobib: Creating a Bibliography    4:05  Watch
Technology Tools
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately   14:31    Watch      Training Guide
  • Images on Websites 12:24   Watch
  • Online Digital Book Club 7:35  Watch
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Website    8:00   Watch    Training Guide
  • URL Shorteners   2:35   Watch 
Workplace Problem Solving & Culture
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