Board of Trustees & Committees

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Board of Trustees Agendas and Exhibits

Board of Trustees Bylaws

Board of Trustees Members

Sonja Ackerman Marathon County 18-Dec
James Backus Marathon County 19-Dec
Tom Bobrofsky President Clark County 20-Dec
Tyson Cain Marathon County 20-Dec
Eileen  Grunseth Taylor County 20-Dec
Christy Janczewski Forest County 19-Dec
Peg Jopek Langlade County 18-Dec
Paul  Knuth Oneida County 19-Dec
Douglas  Lay Marathon County 20-Dec
Louise Olszewski Clark County 18-Dec
Michael  Otten Treasurer Marathon County 18-Dec
Pat  Pechura Vice President Oneida County 20-Dec
Diane  Peterson Lincoln County 19-Dec
Kari Sweeney Marathon County 19-Dec

WVLS Board of Trustees President Tom Bobrofsky and WVLS Director Marla Sepnafski present Trustee Alice Sturzl with a certificate of recognition at her last WVLS Board of Trustee meeting November 12, 2016.

WVLS Committees

Executive Committee

Please see the Board of Trustees Executive Committee Agenda and Exhibits page for meeting agendas, minutes, and exhibits.


President Tom Bobrofsky
Vice President Pat Pechura
Treasurer Michael Otten
Member Tyson Cain
Member Marilyn Sauer
Member Louise Olszewski
Member Elaine Younger

WVLS Library Advisory Committee

The WVLS Library Advisory Committee (LAC) is comprised of representatives from libraries of all types within the WVLS borders. The Committee advises the WVLS staff and Board of Trustees on promotion and implementation of collaborative programs and services and on communication among all libraries and entities in within WVLS borders.

Please see the Library Advisory Committee Agenda and Exhibits page for meeting agendas, minutes, and exhibits.

LAC Purpose

1. To encourage the most effective use of the resources & services of the area.
2. To foster the improvement of existing library service activities & communication procedures.
3. To provide a basis for discovering new areas of cooperation.
4. To initiate new services and joint programs as needed and/or desired.

LAC Membership

There are fifteen (15) representatives from libraries within WVLS borders.

  • 4 large public libraries, permanent positions.
  • 6 small public libraries, Rotating 2 year appointments.
  • 1 academic or technical library, Rotating 2 year appointment.
  • 4 school or special libraries, Rotating 2 year appointments.

WVLS V-Cat Steering Committee

V-Cat Steering Committee Charge: To effectively review V-Cat bylaws and committee structure with the final outcome being a more active and participatory V-Cat membership that adheres to the set V-Cat procedures. Develop the annual V-Cat budget with the guidance and final approval of the WVLS Board.

Please see the WVLS V-Cat Steering Committee Agendas and Exhibits page for meeting agendas, minutes, and exhibits.

Committee Members

Name Representative Office
Thomas Bobrofsky WVLS BOT Chair
Eileen Grunseth WVLS BOT Board Member
Paul Knuth WVLS BOT Board Member
Pat Pechura WVLS BOT Board Member
Marla Sepnafski WVLS Director
Kyle Schulz WVLS ILS Administrator
Dominic Frandrup Anitgo Public Library
Leah Giordano Marathon County Public Library
Stacy Stevens T.B. Scott Free Library
Stephanie Schmidt Crandon Public Library
Mary Taylor Minocqua Public Library
Kim Metzke Greenwood Public Library

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