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To suggest additions, please email Anne Hamland at comm.coordinator@wvls.org.

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WVLS strives to deliver information to you in the way you want it.

The WVLS website serves as the backbone for all information, all communications are drafted from either WVLS Digital Lites, the weekly blog, and/or WVLS website content.


  • WVLS Website
  • WVLS Digital Lites Blog
  • WVLS E-Newsletter
    • Includes blog postings, website updates, news releases, and member library spotlights as appropriate.
  • Email Lists
    • Email courier@wvls.org with any questions regarding courier.
    • Email annual.reports@wvls.org with any questions regarding the Annual Report.
    • WVLS maintains email lists for library staff working in youth services, technology, V-Cat representatives and more. Send an email to help@librarieswin.org to have your email added to appropriate lists.
      • Youth Services
      • V-Cat Representatives
      • Technology
      • K12
      • Non-public Library
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