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BadgerNet Transformation Project

In 2016, the Wisconsin Dept. of Administration (DOA) engaged in a new contract for our statewide transport network, formerly labeled “BadgerNet Converged Network” or simply, “the BCN.”  AT&T won that bidding process and has taken over management of this network as the single, Managed Service Provider (MSP) for what is now just called “BadgerNet.” The new contract calls for some significant upgrades across the entire network. This will manifest as a Bandwidth increase. In theory.

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Meet Libby: Webinar for the WPLC Community

OverDrive is providing the WPLC library community another opportunity to meet Libby, OverDrive’s new app for Wisconsin’s Digital Library in a webinar on Friday, July 14th at 10am.

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Wizarding World Book Club

Read and discuss the Harry Potter stories with anyone, anywhere. The Wizarding World Book Club is available free to all registered users of Pottermore, the digital publishing, e-commerce, entertainment and news company from J.K. Rowling.

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Letting Go: Assist Patrons then Disengage

Service suffers when one patron monopolizes limited available public library staff. Learning how to disengage from patrons contributes to an increase in overall service if a staff members are able to better assist all patrons and attend to their regular duties.

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