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V-Cat Consortium

V-Cat Council Executive Committee


Peg O’Connell, Minocqua: Chair
Janay Ziebell, Neillsville: Chair-Elect
Jenny Jochimsen, Abbotsford: Past-Chair

Katie Zimmermann, WVLS V-Cat Administrator
Marla Sepnafski, WVLS Director
Brenda Walenton, WVLS Business Manager


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NICE Northern Wisconsin ILS Consortium Exploration

Northern Wisconsin ILS Consortium Exploration (NICE)

Northern Waters Library Service (NWLS) and WVLS are collaborating in a  joint ILS consortium exploration project to determine value and feasibility of an ILS merger between our two systems and respective ILS consortia. Learn more…

V-Cat Libraries and Representatives
Library Representative Agreement Signed
Abbotsford Public Library Jenny Jochimsen 8/10/1999
Antigo Public Library Ada Demlow 8/23/1999
Colby Community Library Vicky Calmes 9/7/1999
Crandon Public Library Laurie Renel-Faledas 2/22/2007
Dorchester Public Library Sue Bedroske 7/2/2001
Western Taylor County Public Library Rita Ludvigsen 9/20/1999
Granton Community Library Kay Heiting 2/26/2013
Greenwood  Area Library Amber Brill 8/19/1999
Edith Evans Community Library Felicia Albrecht 4/10/2003
Loyal Public Library Teresa Hall 10/7/1999
Frances L Simek Memorial Library Maxx Handel 8/19/1999
T.B. Scott Free Library Laurie Ollhoff 8/5/1999
Minocqua Public Library Peggy O’Connell 8/26/1999
Neillsville Public Library Janay Ziebell 6/28/2011
Owen Public Library Loralee Petersen 2/7/2001
Rhinelander Distict Library Virginia Roberts 2/5/2002
Rib Lake Public Library Tammie Blomberg 6/22/2000
Jean M. Thomsen Memorial Library Carla Huston 8/6/1999
Thorp Public Library Carsyn Soderstrom 8/19/1999
Demmer Memorial Library Peter Kotarba 2/5/2002
Tomahawk Public Library Heidi O’Hare 2/4/2000
Wabeno Public Library Cynthia Lemerande 1/1/2019
Wausau/Marathon County Public Library Katelyn Sabelko 7/1/2006
Westboro Public Library Melissa Highfill 7/2/2001
Withee Public Library Brandon Hardin 4/15/2003

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