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This is the second post regarding schools and libraries. Take a moment to read How to Communicate with School Librarians & Teachers from May.

Take the leap! School librarians, teachers, and public librarians are all busy, but do not let that stop you from partnering. Seize the moment and contact your counterparts to jumpstart your relationship.

  • Keep emails and phone calls short and to the point.
  • Use the communication method they prefer.
  • Provide visuals in email or print.
  • Include deadlines for responses and offer specific dates for options.
  • Ask what concerns they have or issues they are facing.
  • And, most importantly, tell them how you can make their life easier!

Makerspace Kits for Schools 2018       Menu of Services for School 2018

But how?

Call, email, have lunch, schedule a visit, ask to attend staff development offerings, strike up conversations at the grocery store. Any way that works for your schedules.

Use these handouts or make your own.

Please use the two handouts attached or create your own. What other tools might convey library services or opportunities school librarians and teachers can benefit from? What issues are your partners facing? How can you help?

  • How Can the Public Library Help You? Service Menu
  • Makerspace Kits: Reserve kits from your public library
    • A handout offering makerspace kits through the public library.
    • Access the template in Canva or print and use.

-Submitted by Anne Hamland