Marketing Plan Template

Based on Kathy Dempsey’s “Cycle of True Marketing,” a state-wide public library system marketing cohort has drafted a marketing plan template that any library of any size can model and adapt. The template includes:

  • A customizable marketing framework that can be adapted to suit a library’s unique needs and community
  • A sample marketing plan, budget, and calendar guides
  • Links to resources that expand on the information presented

Access the Marketing Plan Template

Webinar Recording Introducing the Template – February 13, 2020

For questions about this plan, contact:
Jamie Matczak, WVLS, , (920) 455-0668
Mark Ibach, SCLS, , (608) 246-5612
Chad Glamann, OWLS, , (920) 832-4607
Lori Baumgart, NFLS, , (920) 710-6010