Dealing with Substance-Abusing Patrons in the Library: From Meth to Marijuana, Opiates to Alcohol (webinar)
Thursday, June 7; 10 am
Presented by: Dr. Steve Albrecht
1 CE Credit

Patrons who visit your library under the influence of drugs or alcohol (or worse, both) can range in their behavior from no problems to causing problems. They can be cyclical – cooperative one moment, then raging the next. Stimulant drug users -taking meth and crack cocaine – are particularly difficult, since they often show signs of paranoia and even schizophrenia. Heroin users are now shooting up in library restrooms an even in the stacks at an alarming rate. Some library staffers have been trained to give Narcan to overdosed patrons, as they wait for the paramedics to arrive. Marijuana use is being decriminalized and legalized in dozens of states. Some patrons have started vaping pot in the library. What do we do about all of this, to keep staff and the facilities safe?

This webinar with Dr. Steve Albrecht answers these questions. You’ll learn what to do and not do when in contact with drug or alcohol-using patrons, when to call police and/or the paramedics, and how to stay safe around drug paraphernalia.


Dr. Steve Albrecht teaches library security workshops around the country. His ALA book, Library Security, was published in 2015. He worked for the San Diego Police Department for 15 years and is a member of the California Narcotics Officers Association.
This webinar is sponsored by: IFLS, WVLS, SCLS, NWLS, OWLS, MCLS, WLS and WRLS.