WVLS Mentoring Program

To suggest additions, please email Anne Hamland at ahamland@wvls.org.

Mentor and Mentee Information

Mentor (2+ Years Relevant Experience)

Experienced specialists who want to share their expertise to inspire and guide new library administrators. Experts who want to build relationships and learn from mentees and the skills they bring to their position.

Mentee (2 or Less Years of Admin Experience)

New administrators who want to learn the tools for successful librarianship from experienced leaders and build relationships with peers.


  • The WVLS Mentoring Program supports success of new library administrators by matching them with experienced library specialists. Mentorship will reduce unnecessary struggle and stress through guided learning, regular communication, and peer bonding.
  • View the WVLS Mentoring Program Outline.

Training and Communication

  • Mentees may be partnered with a mentor based on such factors as interests, need, geographic location, community culture, etc.
  • Minimum one-year mentorship which may be extended.
  • Mentorship pairs must schedule an in-person meeting at either partner’s library within 30 days of the match.
  • Mentors shall contact mentees monthly at minimum through appropriate communication means to sustain a successful mentorship match. Communication methods can include: meeting over coffee/lunch, carpools to meetings or events, email, Skype, Google Hangouts, phone calls, facetime, and more!
  • Mentors and Mentees will reference suggested topics in the WVLS Meeting and Training Guide for meeting agendas as well as any pressing questions mentees may have.


Mentorship partners will develop short term and long term goals considering the suggested topics for discussion. Mentees will share their goals with the WVLS Communications Coordinator within 30 days of the match.


The WVLS Communications Coordinator will provide support by checking in with pairs throughout the program. Within 30 days of the mentorship’s conclusion, both mentor and mentee will complete and submit an evaluation of the mentorship WVLS Communications Coordinator.


Mentors will receive a $125 stipend per in person meeting (up to 3 visits with a minimum of 6 hours) and mileage reimbursement for the traveling party will be provided.

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