The WPLC Annual Meeting was held on May 2nd at the WAPL conference.

Major discussion topics breakdown:

Digital Library Cards

  • Should WPLC pursue the new OverDrive Instant Library Card option for online users? This requires a phone number and date of birth for OverDrive to verify and produce a digital card valid for the Wisconsin Digital Library ONLY for one year. Cost would be 90 cents per card. Libraries or systems would need to match patron names off a list to their libraries to pull in the statistics from that person.
  • Should systems investigate digital library card options from their integrate library system(ILS) vendors. This option would provide a card that would allow access to both online and physical library offerings compared to the OverDrive option above. Cost is negotiated with contract and modules purchased.

OverDrive Periodicals
New option coming soon

Wisconsin Author Project

  • Wisconsin author contest. Accepting original work until June 30th!
  • Website coming soon:
  • WLA Reads committee final judges.
  • One winner receives $1,000, reviews in Library Journal, inclusion in the Biblioboard collections for WI, chance to present at the WLA Annual Conference.
  • One runner up receives a review in Library Journal and the chance to present at WLA Annual Conference.
  • Non-exclusive, authors can submit their work to other publishers as well.
  • Three services combine for this project
    • Wisconsin Author Project: Statewide author contest for adult or young adult fiction open through June 30th!
    • Pressbooks: Online software that allows users to create professional-quality print-ready ebook files. Authors can use this service and keep a copy of their beautiful ebook for themselves! Send it to Amazon or other publishers, the contest is non-exlusive.
    • Self-E: Allows submitted books to be shared with patrons of participating libraries across the state.

Digital Library Performance

  • Five year comparison: titles & collection usage
  • Physical vs. Digital use
  • Unique Users
  • User visits

-Submitted by Anne Hamland