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Images and photographic permissions courtesy of Rib Lake Public Library.

Certified therapy dog Juno visits the Rib Lake Public Library each week for Juno’s Book Club. Miss Juno listens to children read to her. See more pictures of Juno’s Book Club on the Rib Lake Public Library Facebook Page.

Juno's Book Club B


Juno is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International (TDI). Juno visits the Rib Lake Public Library each Wednesday to listen to children grades 1-5 read. Children collect punches on a punch card for each time they read to Juno. After ten punches the children earn a free book, a picture with Juno, a post on Facebook (with permission), and a certificate of accomplishment.

Owners Kerri and Todd Olson brought Juno (pictured L) and family dog Yukon (R) to the Rib Lake Public Library to present a program on skijoring. Todd brought his handmade sled to show how he uses it while skijoring with Juno and Yukon through the snow.

The Wisconsin State Law Library (WSLL) recommends emotional support animals. Find general information, federal resources, books, and articles on how service animals can provide emotional support or assistance to animal owners. Read through the WSLL article “WSLL Recommends: Emotional Support Animals” by Kristina Martinez.

(Wisconsin State Law Library; WSLL @ Your Service; December 2016)

Submitted by Marla Sepnafski.