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Apps and Beyond
Kris Turner, UW-Madison Law School Library

What technology do you want to use in your library? What technology do you want to introduce to your library users? There are so many choices! This session will review a wide array of technology that can help out on the job or just make life easier in general. Join AWSL as we explore the world of free and low-cost technologies that will get your patrons and staff excited!
Sponsor: Association of Wisconsin Special Librarians (AWSL)

What two things are you taking away that you heard or do you think are most important?

  1. Technology is many things: It can be frightening, aggravating, big, and everywhere.  It also can be fun, and help make our lives more efficient.
  2. Libraries can best use technology for teaching and sharing. We also need to be experts or at least familiar in using these tools. Three out of four adults now have smartphones, with means they need wi-fi and chargers.


Were there any key websites the presenter shared or things people should check out?
Kris shared many great apps and websites. He narrowed them down by category.  

Teaching and Sharing category:
Kahoot! – Game-based platform for learning.
Flipquiz– Creates a jeopardy board. Could be fun to train your staff.

Staying Secure:
Ghostery – Blocks sites and good for social media.
LastPass – Secure site to store all passwords.

ABP: Adblock plus
Noisli – Gives you white noise to improve focus
Unpaywall: Searches the web for a free article

Staying Up-to-date on Technology:
LITA (Division of ALA)

What was the audience reaction to this session? What kind of feedback was given?
The presentation was interactive and fun. Kris had the audience use some apps as he spoke. He demonstrated some great applications and how we could use these professionally and personally. I use AdBlock Plus and love it. I would like to try Noisli and LastPass.


-Submitted by Jamie Matczak