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Each year some patrons only come to the library for tax forms and help.

Here are some ideas to help get libraries through the tax season:

  • Bookmark the Federal IRS and Wisconsin state form pages to help you and your staff find forms for patrons faster. Both websites have “help” and extra resource options.
  • Designate a public or catalog computer to double as the computer for patrons to find tax forms. Computers seem to fill up in the winter months. Designating a computer may get patrons in and out of the library faster.
  • Print out customer service telephone numbers for Federal and State levels.
  • Include the Federal and State website on the customer service phone number sheets as an option for patrons who have computers at home.
  • Does your community have a local non-profit agency that helps seniors with taxes? Invite them to set up a display or send a representative to help patrons.
  • Make a master binder of commonly used forms and instruction books for staff and patrons to consult in the case your library runs out of physical copies.
  • Print extra forms off of the Federal and Wisconsin web pages that you can hand to patrons from the front desk without having to walk over to your tax forms area.

Submitted by Anne Hamland