Andrea Coffin, WiLS Community Liaison/Service Specialist. WPLC Announcement, September 20, 2017.

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Hello! OverDrive is making updates that will add a History page to the Wisconsin’s Digital Library site the week of October 2nd. Below is information from OverDrive about this update:

The History page automatically displays titles a user has borrowed (beginning the day the feature is live), and users have the option to manually add titles previously read (through OverDrive or other sources).

Each time a title is borrowed, it is added to the user’s history. At launch, a user will see an empty history until they borrow a title, or manually add it. Titles can be manually added through the context menu (…) or from the title details page. For example, users can add titles they read before the start of the history, or titles read from other sources (print, purchased, etc.). Users can remove individual titles from the History page through the context menu (…) or on the title details page.

A user can choose to hide their history from the Settings page. If the user opts to display their history again at a later date, they will only see titles added from that point forward.

This has been a highly-requested feature from users over the years. We know that some users have been tracking their read titles via ratings, so the history includes an option to import their rated titles list. If a rated title is already on the history, it will not be added again.

Users will see personalized suggestions on the home page in a “You may also like” collection that recommends titles based on the most recent titles in their history (excluding titles that received low ratings).

Here is this same information with screenshots:


Andrea Coffin

Submitted by Inese Christman.