WVLS is thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our   makerspace offerings! Libraries across our service   area have access to a variety of new and exciting items to enhance their programs and engage visitors.  Whether planning a STEM workshop, a creative arts session, or a tech-focused event, area library staff  should consider these resources when planning their next event.

Puzzle Competition kits:  Whether patrons are  seasoned solvers or curious beginners, jigsaw puzzle competitions promise excitement, camaraderie, and brain-teasing fun.

Three puzzle sets are available:
Marble Madness, 500 pieces, 10 copies
It’s All Fun and Games, 500 pieces, 10 copies
Beachcombers, 300 pieces, 9 copies

Murder Mystery kits: Are patrons ready for an event full of suspense, intrigue, and cunning detective work? Look no further! A murder mystery kit promises an unforgettable experience that will keep participants guessing until the very end. Two kits are available.
Murder by Midnight: A New Year’s Eve Mystery
Roaring 20’s Murder: Death by Bathtub Gin

Straw Connectors: Versatile tools that can enhance STEM learning experiences. They foster creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and sustainability.

KEVA Structures Building Planks: Precision-cut, identical construction blocks that stack with surprising stability. No clips, connectors, or magnets- just pure gravity and balance. With each plank being the same size and shape, the structures you can build are only limited by your imagination.

Geoboards: Similar to playgrounds for shapes, where rubber bands stretch into cool polygons, teaching children about angles, shapes, and other math concepts. This kit includes 5 geoboards.

Addition and Subtraction kits: Includes see and solve math center, addition learning locks, subtraction flip and solve board, addition flip and solve board, and giant magnetic Rekenrek (arithmetic frame).

Counting and Numbers kit: Includes giant dice with activity guide, unlock it number match, counting cones, count-with-me talking cookie jar, giant number stepping stones, and nuts about counting.

Shapes kit: Includes geometry light-up activity center, giant geometric shapes, shapes discovery boxes, colors and shapes bingo, and giant beads with patterns.

Sorting and Patterns kit: Includes scoop-a-bug sorting kit, magnetic shape sorting rods, fun fruit counters, hands-on patterning trays, and early math activity center.

How to Access the New Makerspace Kits
Register An Account:

Booking Process:

Tips & Tricks:

  • Add travel days to the time of usage to account for delivery to/from the library.

  • Note that the booking calendar runs Monday through Sunday.

  • A booking may be extended by calling or emailing WVLS.

  • Do not return items to MCPL-Wausau when the WVLS office is closed.

These makerspace tools are perfect for sparking curiosity, learning, and collaboration. Whether you’re hosting a workshop, a teen club, or a family event, these resources will add a touch of magic to your library programs.

Questions about the kits can be directed to WVLS Public Services Consultant Kristie Hauer at .

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