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NoveList Appeal factors help readers decide whether or not a book fits their style or mood. What is “heartwarming” to one reader may be saccharine to another; what is “mildly sensuous” to you may be quite shocking to others. These resources will help you get started finding the right books to appeal to every reader.

  • The Secret Language of Books: A Guide to Appeal –  *Newly updated 2017 edition*  This useful little pocket guide defines the words that describe the mood of books. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who works with readers.
  • Tutorial: Finding Books Using Appeal – This tutorial shows you how to use several appeal-based features in NoveList, including the make-your-own appeal mixer.Appealing to Genre Readers
  • Webcast: Appealing to Genre Readers – Listen to a panel of reader’s advisory experts as they discuss strategies for going beyond genre read-alikes and using appeals to *ahem* appeal to avowed genre readers.

Here’s a fun way to learn more about appeal terms in NoveList. Try using the following search tags and NoveList’s Guide to Appeal to find the books described in the scenarios  – Appeal Scavenger Hunt 

Get to your results faster using these field codes:

  • AP
    Searches all categories of appeal (e.g. type “AP Approachable” in the search box).
  • GN
    Uses a keyword search for genre so searching “GN mystery stories” will return titles tagged with that genre.
  • SU 
    Returns all books, authors, and series with the subject (e.g. try a search for “SU Dogs” or “SU 1950s”).
  • LX
    Performs an exact numeric search for a Lexile. Search a range using < and >. For example, “LX > 500 AND LX < 700″.

(From Novelist News, March 2017)