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*APPLICATION DEADLINE:* Tuesday, July 27, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

*POSITION SUMMARY:* The purpose of this position is to ensure that
employees, volunteers, work routines and programs meet the organizational
goals and objectives of the Marathon County Public Library. The employee
oversees and manages the work of staff in Support, Pages, Circulation and
IT. Work is performed under the Library Director.

*QUALIFICATIONS:* Master’s degree in Library Science with prior management
experience preferred, or any combination of education and experience that
provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities. Possession of a valid
Wisconsin driver’s license required.

*EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED:* The following duties are typical for this
position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.
Other duties may be required and assigned. Prepares a variety of detailed
analytical and statistical financial statements and reports. Translates the
Library’s mission, vision, values and strategy to employees, policy and
work routines. Leads and ensures the development and improvement of the
Support Services Team workplace environment. Works closely in a management
team with the Library Director, Library Services Manager and Library
Business Manager to improve the overall management, efficiency,
effectiveness and value of all library resources and services. Manages and
monitors organizational processed and work routines of the Support Services
Teams to improve value, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Coaches and
mentors staff to meet the needs of customers and improve the work
environment. Supervises the work of employees on the Support Services Teams
who provide direct services to customers. Maintains and directs maintenance
on library telecommunications, computer hardware/software, file backup and
computer security. Ensures that library computers and resources are well
maintained and fully ready for staff and customers. Prepares job
descriptions, performance appraisals, and employee training and development
plans. Supervises the daily work of employees to be consistent with the
core values and intents of the organization. Researches and sets employee
work routines and standards. Handles emergency situations in the absence of
the Director. Develops and maintains positive relationships with staff and
customers. Maintains regular and predictable attendance; works extra hours
as required. Performs related work as required.

*KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES:* Ability and willingness to learn,
adaptability to new technologies, flexibility when faced with a changing
situation; and ability to work in an ambiguous environment. Knowledge in
troubleshooting standard hardware and software. Ability to understand and
manage financial, information, technology, and space resources. Skill in
performing a basic level of data analysis including the ability to review,
classify, categorize, prioritize and/or reference data, statutes and
guidelines. Ability to lead, mentor, and train others. Ability to advise
and provide interpretation regarding the application of policies,
procedures and standards to specific situations. Ability to utilize a
variety of advisory data and information such as monthly and statistical
reports, computer and equipment manuals, Board minutes, lntelliTime,
professional literature, policy manuals, newsletters, and routine
correspondence. Ability to communicate orally and in writing with
supervisor and branch staff and volunteers, reference and technical staff,
maintenance workers, municipal officials, school teachers and
administrators, local newspapers, Library customers and the public.
Knowledge of public library programs and services. Ability and willingness
to serve customers and staff with empathy, genuineness, eagerness, energy,
and enthusiasm. Ability to understand organizational and county governance,
environment, culture, processes, procedures, and how decisions are made.
Ability to show acceptance and understanding by being open, courteous, and
considerate. Ability to relate to everyone as a possible source for
learning. Knowledge of computers, e-readers, and other applicable
technologies. Ability to support leadership and management. Ability to work
as a productive and positive team member. Ability to communicate freely,
openly, honestly, and accurately. Ability to contribute helpful energy and
creative ideas. Skill in multitasking and handling high volumes of work.
Ability to follow established procedures in an orderly and logical manner
and adhere to prescribed routines.

*COMPENSATION:* Salary Range: $61,127 ($29.39/hr) – $88,144 ($42.38/hr)

*SELECTION PROCEDURE:* Selection of the successful candidate may be made by
assessment of experience and education, criminal record check, oral
interview; review of references, written background inventory, and other
appropriate job-related selection procedures. All applicants will be
notified as to the status of their application.

*SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS:* Marathon County will make arrangements to furnish
appropriate auxiliary aids and services where necessary and reasonable to
afford an individual with a disability the opportunity to participate in
the recruitment process. Please notify the Employee Resources Department
office or phone (715) 261-1451 to request special accommodations prior to
the application deadline.

*NOTICE TO APPLICANTS:* Wisconsin Statutes, Sections 19.36 (7), 64.09 (5),
and 64.11 (7) require public employers to treat the following items as a
public record: Each applicant?s application, records, recommendations and
qualifications except as provided in Section 19.36 (7), Wis. Stats. that
allows the identity of an applicant to remain confidential if the applicant
requests in writing that the County not provide access to this information.
If you choose not to have this information become a public record, you must
make such a request in writing to the Employee Resources Department. If you
become a finalist for the position, your identity may be disclosed as
required by law.