Fake News Resources

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What is Fake News?

Intentionally fraudulent websites, re-tweeted inaccuracies, we have all lived through fake news in some form. Please find resources below for libraries and educators to use in helping patrons identify “fake news.”

How can libraries combat fake news?

Use this checklist when you are reading or watching news.
  • What is the source? Can you find more information on the source?
  • Is there author listed? Can you find more information on the author?
  • Look at the date. Is this an old article?
  • Read beyond the headline of publications, does the story match the headline?
  • Look at the source of the quotes. Are quotes cited?
  • Are image sources cited?
  • Check your biases.
  • Consult the experts. Are there other articles on the same topic?
  • Look at the domain and URL. Does the website look credible?
  • look and research quotes and quote sources
  • Reverse search images (right click on image and choose to search Google).



Evaluation Guides and Infographics

Fact-checking Websites


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