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Action 1: Please ensure all of your Windows PCs have the latest round of critical security updates applied ASAP.

Action 2: Please be mindful that social engineering/”phishing” attempts will be at a very high level. Be extremely cautious with unsolicited emails and with the use of non-mainstream websites and web applications.

The WVLS Tech Team will be reviewing Deep Freeze and Faronics Antivirus reports and will notify directors and/or technology staff in member libraries if we have any indication that there are PCs which need Windows Updates. If you are not sure, please contact the WVLS help Desk help@librarieswin.org to get a ticket started.

By now, many of you have heard about the global cyber security threat “WannaCry.” Browse articles included below this post.

On Monday May 15, 2017 WVLS received email forwards from WVLS colleagues as pictured below. The email message pointed to legitimate resources, but the main target “Create Your New Password” was a link to a dangerous website. The message itself was especially well-crafted BUT WVLS does not use the IT@wvls.org email.

Two Takeaways

1. Trust nothing, question everything.

2. Social engineering/”phishing” attacks are our world these days.

Many trustworthy resources can help you become more hardened against cyber-threats, in terms of computers and software as well as in your human reaction. The WVLS Tech Team will be prioritizing a collection of trusted resources to publish to help de-duplicate efforts across the membership.

We are in an era of computing during which threats to security are almost as common as the legitimate applications and data we rely on. Mindfulness of threat and mistrust of unsolicited offers and emails is the best defense against security compromise.

Good luck out there, stay safe.


Articles on WannaCry

Submitted by Joshua Klingbeil.