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Why should the libraries and the public care about the 2020 Census? Below are four key points.

It’s about $675 billion dollars of federal funds and grants.
State, county, and community grants are based on Census data. This money is spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and more. Our communities need to be counted accurately so they can receive as much funding as possible.

It’s about fair representation.
The results from the Census are used to reapportion representation of the House of Representatives. If a community is not accurately counted, it may not be awarded the number of seats it deserves. Less seats means less representation.

It’s about redistricting.
The Census data is used to redraw the boundaries of the congressional and state legislative districts in their states to account for population shifts.

It’s about new business.
Businesses use Census data to decide in which communities they will build and invest.

These ready-to-use resources are available for download:

United States Census Bureau. Census 101: What you need to know. www.census.gov/partners