Empower your team to create high-impact social media graphics and marketing materials. Canva offers its premium version free to registered nonprofits.

Apply for the Canva premium version using your nonprofit information. Not a non-profit? Try contacting Canva directly through their contact form and explain your a library. An IFLS library received a premium version by doing so! It’s worth a try.

Create flyers, social media posts, infographics and more with this easier to learn “drag and drop” website. Canva provides templates and text pairings for users but offers users the ability to create everything from scratch as well.

Share designs between team members and reuse successful designs.

Need more help in graphic design? Canva provides video tutorials, color combinations and more.

What do you get with Canva Premium that you can’t get in the free version?

  • Magically resize your designs
  • Upload custom fonts for your brand
  • Set color palettes for your brand
  • Save templates for you and your team
  • Organize your photos with folders
  • Easily find your designs with search
  • Priority support