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You’ve done the hard work and now you have your Annual Report numbers. It is time to create visuals to help get your #WisconsinLibrary information out to the community, to brag, showoff, to advocate for what you do!

Below are ideas on how you can create visuals, who should receive your visuals, and how you can get your visuals into their hands.

HOW else can I create visuals for my annual report?

WHO should receive my annual report visuals?

  • Library Board
  • Friends of the Library
  • City Council
  • County Board
  • County Library Board
  • Schools
  • Chamber of Commerce (closest location)
  • Library Website/Social Media
  • Local Newspaper (closest location)
  • Local Radio (closest location)
  • YOUR COLLABORATORS (speakers, program hosts, local business sponsors)
  • Daycares/In-home Daycares
  • Teachers
  • Commission on Aging
  • Churches
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Coffee Shops
  • Senators
  • Legislators
  • Kiwanis, Lions, Moose, Red Hatters, Knitting/Book/Bird or any club
  • and who else?

HOW you can I get my annual report into their hands?

  • email copies
  • website/ social media
  • bring physicals copies to any meeting
  • keep physical copies in your bag to handout at any time
  • physical copies at the desk
  • post around the library
  • ask collaborators to post in their locations or to be presented at their meetings!
  • and how else?

and always include #Wisconsinlibrary in all that you create and handout!