Special Needs Services

WVLS staff serve in a consultant capacity encouraging and assisting area librarians in the extension of special needs programs/services for adult literacy, family literacy, American Indians, ADA, the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and hard of hearing, the developmentally disabled, the homebound, the economically disadvantaged, the elderly, the institutionalized elderly, those in jails and other correctional facilities, the mentally ill, non-English speakers, Southeast Asians, state institutions and the unemployed.

Specific types of WVLS services include: information about literacy programs; help in evaluating toys, equipment, etc. for those with special needs; sponsorship of continuing education programs for librarians in the area of library service to those with special needs; provision of bibliographies, catalogs or directories relating to special needs; interloan of audio cassettes on topics useful to persons with special needs or those who work with special needs populations; provision of deposit collections of large print books and audio cassettes to interested public libraries, nursing homes, and apartments for the elderly; encouragement for libraries to develop cooperative activities between libraries and local human service agencies and organizations; provision of demographic information on special needs populations to member libraries; and provision of help in the writing of special needs grant proposals.