In “A School Librarian Caught in the Middle of Student Privacy Extremes,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation notices school librarians are often the  only staff members trained as educators, privacy specialists and technologists.

School librarians frequently find themselves at the nexus between administrators and teachers who approach educational technology in a cost-conscious or pedagogical way rather than through the overlay of student privacy concerns.  The February 10, 2017 issue of ALA American Libraries Direct features A School Librarian Caught in the Middle of Student Privacy Extremes, posted to The Electronic Frontier Foundation website.

Student privacy Gennie Gebhart writes: “As a school librarian at a small K–12 district in Illinois, Angela K. is at the center of a battle of extremes in educational technology and student privacy. In search of a middle ground that serves students, Angela is asking hard, fundamental questions like, ‘We can use technology to do this, but should we?’ School librarians are uniquely positioned to navigate this middle ground and advocate for privacy, both within the school library itself and in wider conversations about technology.”…

“Coming from librarianship’s tradition of facilitating the spread of information while also safeguarding users’ privacy and intellectual freedom, Angela is committed to adopting and applying ed tech while also preserving student privacy.


Submitted by Kris Adams Wendt.