WVLS Google Groups (formerly Listservs)

WVLS provides several Google Groups for communicating with the WVLS area libraries via email. All WVLS-managed groups are closed to the general public.

To subscribe to any of these groups, click on the corresponding link, log in with or register for your Google account (you can use your own email address for this), and request a subscription. If you'd rather not sign up for a Google Account we understand; alternatively, you may contact us to request that we manually enable your subscription. All subscriptions are subject to approval by WVLS.

The following is a list of the WVLS Google Groups:

If you have questions about these WVLS Google Groups, or if your library or your county library board is interested in having a group or standard email list created for your specific needs, please contact us.

Please note:

  • To send an e-mail to the list, you must use the e-mail account that you used to sign-up to be a member of that list.
  • When responding to an e-mail on the list, be mindful that depending on the list, your response may go to the entire list and not just the original poster.
  • For lists in which replies go back to the entire list you can reply directly to just the sender by clicking on "Forward" and typing in their e-mail address.