WVLS Tech Team Finishing Migration to New Server Location


Ethernet Cable via Clip Art

Today Tuesday January 10, 2017

We were able to schedule our IP address block migration for this morning (see in-depth information below).  The process should be completed before the opening hours today of most of our BCN members.  We are ready to rollback quickly in the event of any unforeseen issues critical to operations.

Check the LibrariesWIN Status Page for regular updates on operational status changes.

Finishing the Server Move  

We still need to migrate the IPSEC tunnels utilized by libraries on Charter (and Granton CL via the Granton School's network) to connect back in to the WVLS WAN.  Those will be scheduled separately on a case by case basis with the respective libraries over the next several weeks and can be done entirely outside of normal business hours.

Libraries Involved:

  • Antigo PL HQ
  • Frances Simek ML (medford)
  • Granton CL
  • Rhinelander DL
  • Tomahawk PL

Submitted by Joshua Klingbeil.

Anne Hamland / ahamland@wvls.org