WVLS Makerspace Resources


Send an email to help@librarieswin.org to complete registration for Lend-Items, the website used to book makerspace kits for your library.

Please browse the resources available for the WVLS and Indianhead Federated Library System Makerspace Kit project. Over 100 makerspace kits and storykits are available for WVLS, IFLS, and K-12 libraries.

Makerspace Kits

See the list of makerspace kits available.

The majority of the makerspace kits are sent through courier to a local public library. A few that are too big, the flat iron heat press, and PA sound system, must be picked up at the WVLS office due to their size. K-12 libraries can also borrow kits as long as the kits are delivered to a public library through courier.

Storykits: 3 Categories

  1. Board Book Kits, which have 20 copies of the same board book (to be used for Unison reading-use for all ages)
  2. Large Motor Kits, which have things like musical instruments, beanbags, shaker eggs, a parachute, or music that goes with the activity (No Books).
  3. Themed Storytime Kits, which are geared to 2-5 year olds with lots of books (8-15), ideas for fingerplays, games, and process art projects, storytelling aids (puppets, flannel boards, etc.), and music. Some also have large motor items (one even has a balance beam!).


Idea Sheets

Idea sheet accompany many makerspace kits. Idea sheets include a description of what is in the makerspace, resources for how to use the kit, a brainstorming section on community volunteers who may be able to help with programs, and ideas for active and passive programming. A few are included below:


 Submitted by Anne Hamland

Anne Hamland / ahamland@wvls.org