Important! Replacing Patron Cards and Merging OverDrive Accounts


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Reissuing or replacing a patron's library card?

Ask if a patron uses OverDrive before deleting old library card information. Library staff need to merge the patron's holds and bookshelf information in OverDrive from the old card with the new card number using OverDrive Marketplace. 

If the old card barcode is not recorded and merged with the new barcode information, patrons usually create a new account and cannot see or retrieve their OverDrive bookshelf and holds from their old card number. Patrons are unable to see their holds or access items that had been on their bookshelf.

As a last resort, library staff could add lost holds from the old card on the new card and bump the patron up the waiting list. 

Why can't I find the title I put on hold? - OverDrive Help 

Thank you Kay Teal of the Tomahawk Public Library for this gentle reminder!

Anne Hamland /