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NASA@ My Library

APPLY NOW! Public libraries are invited to apply to be part of the NASA@ My Library STEM education initiative. Sign in or visit the guidelines for details. Applications will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. CST on March 22, 2017. Questions? Contact ALA’s Public Programs Office at publicprograms@ala.org.

NASA@ My Library will increase and enhance STEM learning opportunities for library patrons throughout the nation, including geographic areas and populations currently underserved in STEM education.

CLIR Invites Applications for Digitizing At-Risk Audio Materials Grant

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) is now accepting applications from collecting institutions for the digital reformatting of magnetic audio materials, as part of the pilot phase of the Recordings at Risk grant program. Generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Recordings at Risk is focused on digitally reformatting “at-risk” audio and audiovisual materials of high scholarly value.

You Can Do I.T.! How to Empower Library Staff with Basic Tech Management Skills

The library field relies heavily on technology, but few front-line staff receive training in basic I.T. concepts that can build confidence when managing public access computer and working with patrons. The Texas State Library faced this challenge in more than 400 small public libraries in rural areas. They responded with You Can Do I.T., a friendly, approachable hardware, software, and networking skills training program.

Tips For New eReader and Tablet Owners

The wrapping paper has been bagged up, the dairy-free, sugar-free eggnog has been drunk, the sacrificial micro-drones have been fed to the fire, and the annoying in-laws have been suitably tranquilized.  So now is the time to get started with your new gadget. Here are a few links that can help you get set up, find and load content, manage your ebook library, and (if you want) strip the DRM.

How to Get Set Up:

21 Technology Tipping Points We Will Reach By 2030

  1. 90% of the population will have unlimited and free data storage by 2018.
  2. The first robotic pharmacist will arrive in the US 2021.
  3. 1 trillion sensors will be connected to the internet by 2022.
  4. 10% of the world’s population will be wearing clothes connected to the internet by 2022.
  5. The first 3D-printed car will be in production by 2022.
  6. The first implantable mobile phone will become commercially available in 2025.
  7. The first government will replace its census with big-data technologies by 2023.

5 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

Facebook has become the Google of social networks. If you're not updating your status right now, chances are that you are uploading photos or taking some sort of odd quiz. We post tons of intimate details about our lives that we normally wouldn't share with anyone. We think that as long as we make sure our privacy settings are set correctly that we are safe and snug within our circle of friends.

The problem is that we never know who's really looking at our information.

SLJ's Best of 2016

In 2016, several hundred titles received a coveted SLJ star; after much debate and discussion, 66 books were selected by the review editors as the very best of the best. This year’s selections represent the books that opened our minds, lifted our spirits, and helped us see the world with fresh eyes—from the sublime to the uproarious. But what we experienced while reading these outstanding titles is less important than what happens next; our hope is that this list inspires a frenzy of book sharing and discussions.

The 34 Best Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills

Words are hard.

Whether you're a published author or just getting started with blogging, it's not always easy to string words together in a way that makes sense, sounds good, and makes the reader feel something.

But every marketer should be able to write -- and, more importantly, every marketer can write. It's just a matter of finding the writing environment that works best for you, expanding your vocabulary, asking for feedback (and listening to it), and practicing. 

New Facebook Groups for Librarians!

Last year, 5 Minute Librarian wrote a post highlighting all of the Facebook Groups that are for Public Librarians. They recently updated the list and wanted to highlight below some new additions! Some of these groups are new and some were recently found! A few have been added since the original posting.

Happy Facebooking!

Some examples to get you started:



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