(Scam of the Week Blends CEO Fraud and W-2 Phishing, KnowBe4 2/3/2017)

The bad-guys are starting their tax scams early this season!

Scammers are combining two scams into one. First, they ask you to send them the W-2 forms of all employees, their email looks like it comes from the CEO of your company. Next, they follow up with an urgent request to transfer a large sum of money to a bank account.

Stay alert for scams like this, think before you click.

Remember, when you receive sudden requests lie this that they may be spoof emails.

Pick up the phone and verify the email is a legitimate request coming from an executive.

What to do if you see these scams:

Statistics from the Federal Trade Commission shos tax refund fraud were responsible for a nearly 50 percent increase in consumer identity theft complaints in 2015. Avoid becoming a victim of tax refund fraud by filing your taxes before the fraudsters do!

Submitted by Joshua Klingbeil.