Here are some resources to guide you through completing your 2016 Public Library Annual Report.

Full instructions forms and guidelines can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Libraries Division of Public Library Development website:

Instructions and Forms for the 2016 Public Library Annual Report

  • What’s New for 2016?
  • Definitions and Examples
  • Instructions for the Annual Report
  • Data Entry Worksheet
  • System Effectiveness Form

Youth Services Resources

Annual Report Workshop Presentation

In November and December of 2016, PLD held four workshops about the public library annual report that included hands-on exercises in the online reporting system (December 28, 2016 Libraries for Everyone blog). 

Workshop presentation slides include:

  • Public Library Services Funding Framework: Connection between annual reports and funding
  • Annual Report Calendar: Report-related work and communication between libraries and WI DPI
  • Public Library Annual ReportL: What’s new, changed, deleted, typical rough spots
  • LibPAS Online Reporting System: Hands-on exercises
  • Things to Remember: General guidance, checklist, and contacts